Court painting & lining. (Architects)

Fitness Functions apply court markings for all sports and games throughout Ireland for schools, universities and sports clubs.

Here is a selection of the courts we can mark
    Tennis & mini tennis
    Football and 5-a-side football
We also apply;
    Car park spaces
    Wheel chair spaces
    Directional arrows for traffic flow
    Yellow boxes for traffic restriction / no parking areas

Solid Court Painting

    For that extra ‘wow factor’ why not paint your courts in solid colour
    Paint the court one colour and the surround in contrast
    Define areas of your playground (Jnr yards and Snr yards)
    Revive and transform old and dull looking tarmac or concrete
    Apply patterns, shapes and designs

All of our paints and markings are thoroughly tested and approved by relevant sporting and safety authorities .

Email us for advice or quotation by clicking Sports Line Marking or Lo-call 1890-252-856.