Basketball Goals (Architects)

Indoor basketball Goals

We manufacture, supply and install the following types of basketball goals.

Celing Basketball

      Ceiling mounted basketball goals                    

                  Competition Perspex boards and rings

                  Electrically operated

                  Forward and back folding option

                  Height adjustable option available

                  Suitable for installation up to 9m ceiling height


      Wall mounted basketball goals

                  Competition Perspex boards and rings

                  Timber boards and heavy duty rings

  Side or upwards folding

  Height adjustable option available

  Suitable for up to 4m extensions


            Crosscourt / Practice basketball goals

                        1200 x 900mm timber boards

                        Flat fixed to walls or extensions from 300mm to 1500mm

                        Height adjustable option available

                        Fixed with side or upward folding steelwork

Outdoor Basketball goals

Outdoor goals manufactured to the Department of Education Specifications
Ring can be set at any height (between 8ft 6inch and 10ft is standard)
Set comes with weather proof boards, heavy duty rings and fully galvanised steel components
Safety padding for the poles available
Design your own backboard graphics to personalise your courts with your own artwork or logos
Basketball boards can be fixed to outside walls reducing costs

Outdoor Basketball Flyer


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